Things You Need to Know About Working While Receiving Disability Benefits

Once you win your appeal for disability benefits, there are certain things that you need to know about collecting these benefits. You may want to return to work part-time and wonder how this will affect your Social Security Disability benefits earnings. It is possible that you can still collect benefits while working. You will need to meet certain requirements in order to keep collecting these benefits.

Need to Know About Working While Receiving Disability Benefits

Keep these things in mind about receiving Social Security Disability benefits:

  • There is a cap on what you can earn and still receive benefits.
    For 2018, you cannot earn more than $1,180 per month or $1,970 if you are considered blind. If you earn above these amounts, you cannot keep collecting benefits. This is a substantial amount of earning and will negate your claim. If you’re earning this much, your disability will not be deemed severe enough to keep you from working.
  • There are different rules if you are self-employed.
    It can be difficult to gauge how much you’re working if you are self-employed. Your earnings will not always reflect how much work you’re doing if you own your own business or work for yourself. You may be putting in more hours than you’re actually receiving pay for. This makes it tricky to evaluate. Because of that, people who are self-employed will be evaluated on an individual basis. There are complicated rules when it comes to self-employment.
  • You will be evaluated on a yearly basis.
    Your earnings and benefits are recalculated each year after your tax returns are received. Even though this is the case, you need to keep in mind that it can take a long time for the Social Security Administration to actually receive your tax returns. They can be two years behind and can take this long for your benefits to be adjusted. If you suspect that your benefit amount should be adjusted, it’s best to contact the SSA yourself in order to avoid overpayment and issues later. It’s best to be upfront about your earnings because the SSA will find out eventually.

Once you win your claim or appeal for disability benefits, there are still things to consider as you collect this money. Make sure to keep the SSA informed about earnings changes as well as changes to your condition. Contact us with any questions.

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