Can You Get Disability Benefits if Your Child Has ADHD?

Child with ADHD

The Social Security Administration modified its listing of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from a separate disorder to a neurodevelopmental disorder. This change encompasses a wider variety of medical conditions to facilitate receiving SSI disability benefits. In addition, the SSA has rewritten its description of ADHD symptoms that parents must prove through doctor reports and other documentation:

  • Impulsive, hyperactive behavior (inability to remain seated, talking excessively)
  • Difficulty focusing on and organizing tasks, extreme procrastination regarding completion of tasks
  • Recurring vocalizations or motor movements (rocking back and forth, repeating words and phrases, flapping arms)

Parents must also prove that a child’s ADHD/ADD imparts severe limitations in several functional areas. Some of these include interacting with people/peers, controlling behaviors, making reasonable decisions and remembering/learning information.

How Should a Parent Document Their Child’s ADHD?

To expedite SSI disability benefits for a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, parents need to submit results of psychological tests, academic reports detailing an ADHD child’s behavior/learning issues in school and physical exams if they provide supportive information of the diagnosis. Each document must include full names, contact information and addresses if a doctor, therapist or other health professional has supplied the document to the parent. Clinical documents detailing how a child’s ADHD disability has worsened over time are also helpful.

Applying for ADHD Disability Benefits

Making an appointment at your local Social Security Administration Office is recommended if you are not using an SSI attorney to handle your case. Parents applying for a child’s ADHD disability should be aware that SSA considers household resources and income when making a decision about SSI disability benefits for children. In addition, the child’s ADHD must have been ongoing for 12 months or more or is expected to interfere with a child’s ability to function normally for at least one year.

Most disability claims are initially denied, but parents have the right to appeal their application. To reduce the chance of being denied, parents of an ADHD child should consider hiring an experienced SSI lawyer who knows how to satisfy particular SSA requirements. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with an SSI disability benefits lawyer.

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