Denied Benefits? Choose an Attorney to Appeal a Social Security Denial

Have you applied for Social Security benefits and been denied? If so, it’s important not to give up hope and contact a disability lawyer who can help you appeal your Social Security denial. There are a number of reasons why applicants are denied. With the guidance of an attorney, you can make improvements to your claim based on the reasons behind your denial. Whether you’re lacking medical evidence, or were financially unable to comply with treatment and physical therapy, a professional will deliver the support and answers you need.

Disabled or Not Disabled?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines disability as an individual’s inability to earn an income due to physical or mental conditions that are backed by medical evidence. To be considered a disability, these conditions must be expected to result in death or last, or have lasted, for a period of at least year. There is no grey area with Social Security benefits, as claimants are categorized as either disabled or not. Also, to better assess claims, the SSA applies applicants’ conditions to the Listing of Impairments. This list outlines debilitating conditions for adults and children, and helps officials more easily come to a decision; however, it is very difficult to qualify under the listings.

Reasons for a Denial

Claimants are denied Social Security benefits on a number of grounds. Failure to comply with treatment, too much income (SSI cases), and not meeting the SSA’s definition of disabled, are some typical explanations behind denials. One of the most common reasons why claimants are denied, however, is lack of medical evidence. If you’re suffering from a physical or mental condition and cannot work, it’s important to have documented evidence of your condition before applying. Without adequate medical records that outline the history of your impairment, it’s challenging to garner an approval from the SSA.

Help with the Appeals Process

Denials from the SSA are more common than some applicants believe, and therefore it’s understandable why receiving an unfavorable outcome can be disheartening. In order to simplify the process, the SSA attempts to weed out as many seemingly illegitimate claims as possible. Unfortunately, individuals with genuine, life-altering conditions are often grouped in and denied benefits. An experienced representative can provide the guidance you need if you’re looking to appeal a Social Security denial. NC attorneys will assist you with the appeals process and strengthening your case file.

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