Can You Check Your Social Security Statement Online?

You social security benefits could be just a few clicks away. We’ve gathered up the resources you need to find your social security statement online. Along with checking your statement, we’ll show you what else you can do with your social security benefits online.

Social Security Statement Online

Can I Check My Social Security Statement Online?

Yes! The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) is online here. Make sure you always look for the .gov domain name. This confirms that you’re connecting to the right site and that your information is safe.

You can create an online account for accessing your social security statement. Sign in or set up your account on the SSA website here. You will be able to view your statement directly on their website. The administration will still mail out your statement, but they offer this service as a convenience.

For people signing up for the first time, or to get more information about your online social security account, visit the SSA.

What Other Social Security Benefits are Online?

Here are a few other functions you have available on the Social Security Administration’s website:

  1. Get a replacement social security card if yours is lost or stolen. You can also order a replacement Medicare card.
  2. File your social security application online. There’s no need for paperwork and you get a receipt of delivery.
  3. Renew your social security benefits. Avoid any delay or lapse in coverage by instantly re-applying or renewing.
  4. Find out what benefits you are eligible for. These social security screening tools can give you the information you need before you apply.
  5. Apply for retirement, Medicare, disability, or SSI benefits. Applications for all government sponsored social security programs are available via the SSA website.
  6. If your application for benefits is denied, you can appeal the decision online.
  7. Verify your personal information, to ensure there are no lapses in your benefits. You can also update your address or change your telephone number.
  8. Apply for additional assistance with Medicare prescription drug costs. While Medicare can help shoulder most healthcare costs, it may not cover all your pharmaceutical needs.
  9. Set-up direct deposit for receiving your social security benefits.
  10. Use the Retirement Estimator to estimate your SSI and other retirement benefits. Planning tools like these are essential in ensuring your future financial stability.

Note that the SSA website has set hours of operation and adheres to federal holidays. The website can also help you find a social security office near you.